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Driven by
"With Aedno, I was
able to achieve the
results I set for myself
at the beginning of the
O'Levels. The teachers
are effective in driving
the knowledge into
my head, where they
never give up hope in
the students."
Joel Kerr
St. Patrick High School,
Graduating class of 2010

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Academic Excellence Driven by iNnovatiOn.

Our Vision
Aedno sees itself as a torchbearer in the
educational landscape of Singapore, leading
students and helping them catch the Drive and
Innovative spirit that is the mark of an Aedno

Aedno is geared to help students catch the
Drive and innovation that mark an Aedno learner.

Our Mission
Aedno is committed to instill the value of
academic excellence in students and to train
them to achieve their goals with study strategies
that work here and now by harnessing their own
unique individual strengths.

Aedno trains students to achieve their
goals in academic excellence. Driven by
innovation, students learn how to harness
their own individual strengths, as we give them
breakthrough study strategies that work, coupled
with a firmer educational foundation. At Aedno,
we take advantage of the student-parent-teacher
connection, employing active roles for all three,
cooperatively keeping Aedno learners ahead of
the rest.