English | 华文

Driven by
"The teachers at Aedno
are very encouraging and
helpful when they are
teaching us. I really
enjoyed my lessons there.
The lessons have allowed
me to improve on my
subjects tremendously.
I'll definitely come back
for my JC tuition!" 
Winnie Chin
Ang Mo Kio Secondary School,
Graduating class of 2010

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10 Reasons to Choose AEDNO

1.   Students start from where they are, and go at a manageable pace
2.   Teachers are poised to teach different levels and needs in one class.
3.   Parents are active partners in their child's learning
4.   Students are taught to be self-sufficient and take responsibility for
      their own progress
5.   Students are motivated by the concerned teachers and inspired by
      the dynamic environment
6.   Aedno has an abundance of materials, sample exams and exercises
      to help students master the material
7.   There are strong programmes to choose from
8.   Replacement classes can be arranged
9.   Highly qualified teachers are available, and are consistently
      improving their craft
10. Good value for your money because we equip our students for life