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Driven by
"I'm fond of asking
questions during tuition
class. What struck me
about the teachers
at Aedno is that they
are more than willing
to answer my 1001
questions. I'm so fortunate
to have the privilege
of being taught by the
most caring and helpful
teachers anyone can get."
Priscilla Chiar
St. Margaret's Secondary School,
Graduating class of 2010
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Aedno Courses / Workshops

1. Study-Smart (Tutorial Courses)

Students need Smart-Start to learn the essentials of being a good student. Lessons are designed
to cover learning gaps and strengthen study skills. There are practice tests and quizzes on a daily
and weekly basis that will sharpen students' test-taking savvy. Study-Smart customises to the
students' school syllabus and is paced according to their own abilities. It's a good idea to start with
2. Work-Smart (Homework Clinics)

Work-Smart is your friendly programme for students that need that extra scaffolding when it comes
to keeping abreast in school. There is ample time provided for focusing on daily homework, with
daily helps to close the understanding gaps that occur at school. Work-Smart is a good way to nip
problems in the bud, and keep students at par with the desired norm.
3. Exam-Smart (A/O/PSLE Tutorials)

Exam-Smart is a programme that trains students to prepare for their A/O/PSLE exams. A distinct
and directed course, this programme equips students to fly high in the national exams. The
intensive lessons are more than a last-minute remedy; they beef up the student's knowledge while
creating an avenue towards mastery.
4. Prepare-Smart (Workshops)

Exam-taking is an necessary skill, and this workshop trains students with the acuity needed to
study for exams as well as the wits to navigate through the exam itself. This additional supplement
is intended to train students in time management and how to prepare for exams. There are ample
tips given as to how exam questions can be better answered. This course is offered to serious
students during holidays only.